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What is it?

This tool lets you control the Adobe XD preview window, and enables you to perform several actions on the window itself.

Available features:

  • Set XD’s Preview Window to be always on top
  • Adds a shortcut to Increase/decrease the window size
  • Place the Preview Window in Kiosk mode

Two-step set up

  1. Step one install the automation Software Autohotkey
  2. Run the provided file sent to you by email

How it works

When the script is running Additional hotkeys will be available to you when you work in Adobe XD

  • F9 – Decrease the preview window size proportionately by 5%
  • F10 – Increase the preview window size proportionately by 5%
  • F11 – Stay On Top – Select XD’s preview window, and click this button to have the preview window always stay on top while you work.
  • F12 – Kiosk Mode, Select XD’s preview window and press F12

This is a pay what you like software

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