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How do I activate commands?

Press F1 and say one of the commands below. when you press f1 the computer will start listening for your commandsa

All Design Applications / OS

“First Letter” – Changes The Text To First Letter
“Lowercase” – changes the text to lowercase

Commands for Adobe XD

“Assets” – Opens The Assets Panel
“Layers” – Opens The Layers Panel
“Plug-ins” – Opens The Plug-ins Panel

“Fill Eyedropper” – Selects the Fill Eyedropper
“Fill Color” – Manually select colorful fill
“Fill On | Off” – Turns the fill color on or off

“Border Eyedropper” – Selects the border eyedropper
“Border Color” – Manually select colorful border
“Border On | Off” – Turns the border color on or off

“Update” – Updates the shared link

“Align Left” – Aligns selected objects to the left
“Align Right” – Aligns selected objects to the right
“Align Middle” – Aligns selected objects to the middle

and +20 more…
updating the list

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