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Design Leach 3.7 Beta


Drop Down To Control Window Scale

Drop-down choose scale the preview window to 80%, 60%, 40% and even switch the preview window into Kiosk Mode.

Always Scale Proportionately

When you scale your Preview Window, the window will automatically keep its aspect ratio 1:1 and scale proportionally.

Work And Preview The Result At The Same Time

Work and preview the result at the same time, lets you work on animation/interaction/edits at the same time as you preview. whe preview window will stay above all Windows while you continue to work.

Clear Styling When You're Copying Items

Clears the styling when you’re copying text from element to element and Photoshop, so you can copy only text, and paste on styles text anywhere you want. This would work for you even outside of design applications.

Typography Control

Beyond clearing the style from the text, you can also have true control of typography.
Capitalizing items with Design Leach Actually changes the letters capitalization. So you can copy them anywhere and they’ll maintain their capitalization structure.

  • Capitalize Every First Letter Like This Sentence
  • lowercase all selected text like this

Words in Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator Etc.

Automatically Removes the “Copy of…”

A few versions ago the “Copy of…” was introduced to Adobe XD every time your saving a New version of your work, Design Leach Automatically removes it from the file name. so you can comfortably change the name as you desire

Coming Soon, Subscribe for Updates

How do you Get/Download Design Leach?

Pre-Release Subscribe

Pre-Release Subscription if you want to get the tool first, I’m currently finishing up the public release of the tool, and it will become available this week. this is a tool I’ve been using for a long time privately, now on its own public release

Subscription is $1.2 a month
($14.40 once a year)


Is There Anything To Install When I'm Using The Software?

No, There is no installation process, you open the program when you need it and close it when you’re done.

Which Design Programs Design Leach Works With?

Design Leach can help you in Adobes Cloud products, Design Leach understands which product you are currently working on and Taylor’s It’s abilities to that specific program, whether it’s Adobe XD, After Effects, Photoshop, Premier etc.

Feature requests for specific programs you can send me by the contact form

What If I Want To Add A Specific Feature To Design Leach?

Design Leach is billed through community feedback, all features are features that I felt were necessary, or requested by Subscribers to improve our design flow.

If you need any specific feature let me know through the contact form

What if my security software gives me an alert when I'm trying to run Design Leach

Unfortunately some security vendors, may detect a false-positive when you try to run the program for the first time. there is nothing I can do about it from my end, this is a hard issue to deal with not only for my program but for our many other small projects.

I found some bug or something Doesn't work as expected

Design Leach is constantly being developed, updated by me, if you found a bug, please let me know using the contact form so I can fix it.

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