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Credit: Startup Stock Photos / CC0 License

Whether you are working with Photoshop, Adobe XD, Premier, or After effect, what you most likely have is a set up that includes more than one monitor.

This tool helps you hide windows only on the monitor you want, it enhances
the default behavior of windows (hiding all the windows in all monitors revealing the desktop on all of them), this tool makes Windows aware of  the content opened on each monitor, and the default behavior of Win+D Will now work on each monitor individually, Hiding only the open windows on that monitor.

After installing Autohotkey , double click the Dual_Monitor_Tool.AHK to activate the Dual Monitor functionality.

While the tool is running Windows will take into consideration the position of the mouse pointer, If the mouse pointer is on “Monitor 1” only Windows on that monitor will be hidden, and vice versa for your second monitor, if the mouse pointer is on that monitor Open Windows in “Monitor 2” will be hidden.

Want to make it the default Windows behavior?

If you want this Behavior to be the default behavior of Windows, you will need to activate this file when windows starts.

Press Win+R, paste shell:startup In the dialogue that appears, a folder named startup will open place the file in that folder.  That’s it, Windows will start this file whenever it boots up.

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