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This is a pay what you want download

You Price?: $ 


Will the fix work for me?

The fix worked for me, and thousands of other people, and likely to solve your problem as well. at any case the payment is with PayPal, if for any reason it didn’t work for you I’ll issue you a refund.

I'm trying to enter "0" but it doesn't work

“0” is interesting, it means the problem is not a major problem for you, for me the computer was freezing for 30-40 sec all the time, I couldn’t work with it, it took me weeks to find a solution, and I almost replaced my pc (wouldn’t have helped anyway).

it’s not that you can’t find the solution yourself, you could.
alternatively you can get the file now, and immediately check if it works (Photoshop work smoothly, no freezing or hanging)

didn’t work? I’ll send you whatever you paid back what

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