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Multi Grid Generator an Adobe XD Plugin

Multi Grid Generator lets you generate multiple grids in your design, in one click you can generate a grid to a section you’re working on, any object or artboard. multi-grid generator is a paid product.

Adobe XD Preview Window Tool

This tool lets you control the Adobe XD preview window, and adds the ability to set it as the top window while you work, open it in a kiosk mode, change its size easily.

Expose Desktop For Dual Monitor Setups

Whether you are working with Photoshop, Adobe XD, Premier, or After effect, what you most likely have is a set up that includes more than one monitor. This tool helps enhance Windows functionality for your dual monitor setup, By adding the ability to hide windows only on one monitor.

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Material Designed Color Palettes

A full set of Material Design Color palettes for Adobe XD, Basically an XD file with all the Material design color pallets.

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