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Func Creatives Tool For Adobe XD Designers

Customize your own shortcuts in Adobe XD, add new shortcuts, set a custom nudge distance, voice commands for XD windows, working preview at the same time,, and many other cool additions to Adobe XD.

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Enable All Caps Shortcuts, And Other Case Conversions Shortcuts Across Windows Using The Anycase App

AnyCase App  is an application that adds to Windows the ability to change the capitalization of text in almost any program running on the computer (in +30 Supported Applications). Whether you’re in Microsoft Office, Your WordPress site, Writing a Twitter post, an Email using Gmail/Outlook/Thunderbird, or any other program this application will let you convert the text case in place.

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Mouse Accuracy For Creatives Using Higher Resolution Monitors

Mouse accuracy for creative work is specifically tailored for high resolution monitors and eliminate the need for long movements of the mouse to move from one side to the other of the monitor, while at the same time extremely accurate small movements that require accuracy in creative work remains. In addition Mouse Accuracy For Creatives lets you adjust the accuracy of the mouse for the times your work really needs accuracy, temporarily and quickly increase or decrease mouse accuracy using its built-in shortcuts.

Extremely useful for creative work, in Web environment, Print, or 3D work.

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Grits Plus+ Adobe XD Plugin - Free/Choose to pay

Grits Plus+ lets you work with grids easily, position a grid anywhere fast, add multiple grids to an Artboard, and the ability to work with a nested grid approach (common approach in responsive web framework for example Bootstrap).

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Set Your Own Custom Shortcuts In Adobe XD

I have dedicated this post to shortcuts that were available by default in Adobe XD + Func Creative’s , Func v4 Added the ability to set your own custom shortcuts in Adobe XD.

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Advanced Prototyping Workflow Tool for Adobe XD

This tool lets you control the Adobe XD preview window, and adds the ability to set it as the top window while you work, open it in a kiosk mode, change its size easily.

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Material Designed Color Palettes for Adobe XD

Inside you’ll find a file that includes all material design color palettes for Adobe XD, The one from my Dribbble profile.

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Full Set Of Material Designed Icons (Adobe XD File)

This is a full set of material design icons prepared for Adobe XD the and ready to use in an Adobe XD file.

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How to fix the Photoshop freezes problem when using Wacom

A short video explaining How to fix the problem that Photoshop freezes/hangs when using a Wacom Tablet. I also included a file needed for the fix on this stage

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