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Connecting WP eStore Plug-in To The WordPress Newsletter Plugin As A Autoresponder

The  WP eStore Comes with Only 3 built in Autoresponders AWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse, plus a integration option.

although those are the More common ones you might want to connect your own autoresponder For me it was the WordPress plug-in “Newsletter” which is one of the more popular ones.

To connect WP eStore to Newsletter In a way that each time a sale is processed, or newsletter registration  occurs you will need to connect the two.

Prerequisites to do that are

  1. A child Theme
  2. functions.php file in that theme

Once you have both of these, add these lines of code to your child theme Functions.php file.

add_action('eStore_item_specific_autoresponder_signup', 'my_estore_custom_signup');

function my_estore_custom_signup($signup_data)
    eStore_payment_debug('Received request for item specific autoresponder signup action.', true);
    $firstname = $signup_data['firstname'];
    $lastname = $signup_data['lastname'];
    $email2 = $signup_data['email'];
    $list_name = $signup_data['list_name'];
    eStore_payment_debug('"'.$email2.'"  "'.$firstname.'"  "'.$lastname.'"  "'.$list_name.'"', true);
    // Turn this name into number
    if ($list_name == "**List name**") {
    $list_num = "2";
    } else if ($list_name == "**List name**") {
    $list_num = "3";
    eStore_payment_debug('"'.$list_num.'"', true);

   TNP::add_subscriber(['email'=> $email2, 'api_key'=>'**YOUR API KEY**', 'name'=> $firstname, 'surname'=> $lastname,'lists' => [1,$list_num]]); 

To check if the process worked perform any purchase action in wp eStore, once the action was successfully completes, you should see a new subscriber in your subscribers list.

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