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How To Change Mouse Sensitivity Using Shortcuts (Windows)

Windows Notoriously Poor Mouse Settings

This is something I always wanted to be able to do, control my mouse sensitivity on the fly using shortcuts, I am assuming I am not alone (since you are here), you’re probably thinking the exact same thing, how great would it be if I could change mouse sensitivity using shortcuts, and after using this program for almost a year I can tell you it’s great!! I find myself using this program every day.

When I wrote this program a year ago I thought it would be a “nice to have”, but after using it all this time the difference between the built-in mouse settings, and the app are so vast that I simply can’t use the computer without it. While the program is great, it is the poor job done in the built-in Windows settings that pushed the process of creating this program.

Change Mouse Sensitivity Using Shortcuts

Still trying to figure out why the old design had an inaccurate slider while the new design completely removed the “Enhanced Pointer Precision”. the settings that were provided by Windows didn’t fit how I wanted to work with the mouse, I needed better control of mouse sensitivity and acceleration.

Mouse Accuracy App

After months of using the app for private use, I’ve decided to release the Mouse Accuracy App as a program for other people that want to change mouse sensitivity using shortcuts, with the app you can quickly decrease, or increase the mouse sensitivity, and acceleration.

One thing to remember as you use the app, the changes the Mouse Accuracy App makes in speed, sensitivity, and acceleration are temporary, once you close the app the mouse settings will return to what they were before.

Demo of the Mouse Accuracy App – Download

Windows 10/8.1/8/7

The App Settings

Recommended Settings For Creatives

This is a tailor-made setting and the one I use the most. This mouse setting CAN’T be created/reached by Windows built-in mouse setting, rather it’s customized programmatically, this customization of the mouse movement gives you the perfect balance between closing large distances fast and accuracy in short distances. Using this setting you will see a huge difference in the way your mouse moves.

This recommended setting gives you the edge of excellent accuracy, with the least effort, and strain on your hand.

Manual Sensitivity Setting

the manual setting lets you start your adjustments from your original mouse settings as a base, from that base you can use shortcuts to accurately adjust the mouse sensitivity and acceleration to that best matches the task you are currently working on.

The setting lets you perform fine manual control through the entire range of the mouse setting’s

Change Mouse Sensitivity Using Shortcuts

When using the Mouse Accuracy App you can adjust the mouse sensitivity and acceleration on-the-fly you by using these Windows shortcuts.

  • (+) key – Pressing the Numpad plus key increases the mouse sensitivity (faster movement).
  • (-) key – Pressing the Numpad minus key decreases the mouse sensitivity (slower movement).
  • (*) key – Pressing the Numpad multiplication key will turn the mouse acceleration off/on, this determines whether the mouse moves in a linear (constant movement), or using a function that takes into consideration the acceleration of the mouse, in any case, this setting is not identical to the default one provided by Windows.

Disable shortcuts

After you done fine-tuning your mouse sensitivity you might want to disable the mouse shortcuts created by the Mouse Accuracy App, With this setting you can disable or enable the shortcuts that control the mouse

Start with Windows

This setting is pretty self-explanatory, it lets you control whether the app should load with windows. When checked the accuracy app loads at the Windows startup.

Mouse Accuracy Settings

Demo of the Mouse Accuracy App – Download

Program Updates Newsletter

If you want to be notified when a new version comes out, this is where you register

You can download the latest version of the app below, and start using shortcuts to control your mouse

I developed this app for Windows 10/8.1/8/7


How do I install the application?

The application is a regular windows software, to install it you double-click the icon, then follow the instructions in the installer. From that point, you will be able to change mouse sensitivity using the shortcuts listed above.

I Have DPI Control In My Mouse, What's The Difference?

The mouse accuracy app lets you control accuracy to a far greater extent, even ones with DPI control, in addition, it adds this functionality to any mouse regardless if you own a mouse with a DPI control functionality or without.

The Mouse Accuracy application customizes the settings specifically for creative work, these settings cannot be reached by the windows mouse interface, and the DPI button on your mouse does not affect those settings.

Will it work in Maya, Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Photoshop, and other creative applications?

Yes, When the application works you will get a yellow icon in the system tray, as long as the application is running all Its functionalities will be applied, once you exit the application the original settings will be restored.

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