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Connecting WP eStore Plug-in To The WordPress Newsletter Plugin As A Autoresponder

The  WP eStore Comes with Only 3 built in Autoresponders AWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse, plus a integration option. although those are the More common ones you might want to connect your own autoresponder For me it was the WordPress plug-in "Newsletter" which is one of the more popular ones. To connect WP eStore to Newsletter In a way that each time a sale is processed, or newsletter registration  occurs you…

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How To Change All Caps To Lowercase In Google Docs?

Changing to lowercase When you need to do a text change or conversion in Google docs, the first thing you need to do is select the text you want change, It is not so easy to find buried within the menus but what you're looking for is the format menu, within the format menu go to Capitalization, There you will find three options lowercase UPPERCASE Title Case Prefer not to…

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Adobe XD Shortcut For Turning On/Off Responsive Design

When using Func Creatives Software there are a lot of shortcuts that are available to you in Adobe XD. To turn responsive design On, or Off Press "R" R - Responsive design on/off Ctrl+F - First search ... Full list of shortcuts   How does it work? To activate additional shortcuts in Adobe XD you will need the Func Creatives tool, It's a program I wrote to add shortcuts that…

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Material Designed Color Palettes For Adobe XD

Below you will find a file that includes all material design color palettes for Adobe XD, The one from my Dribbble profile. This is a file with the full set of Material Design Color palette. If you're using Adobe XD, you need to take a look at my most popular application for Adobe XD. It will Add A Ton Of Cool Features To Your Adobe XD

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