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List Of All Custom Shortcuts For Adobe Xd

To Use The Shortcuts Install Func Creatives First. Whenever Func Creatives Is Running These Shortcuts Will Be Available In Adobe Xd.


` – Shortcuts On/Off

D – Lock Off/On Item Shortcut
E – Export Item Off/On Shortcut
R – Responsive Resize Off/On Shortcut
P – Padding Off/On Shortcut
F – Fix Position When Scrolling/Mark For Batch Export Off/On Shortcut
C – Center Item Vertically And Horizontally

L – Lock Aspect Ratio
– Select Position Y
X – Select Position X
W – Selecting Width
H – Selecting Height

Ctrl-F – Activate Search Assets, or Layers Shortcut

F2 – Fill Eyedropper Shortcut
F2 x 2 – Turns the fill color On or Off (Double-Press) Shortcut
F2 x 3 – Opens The Fill Color Picker (Triple-Press) Shortcut

F3 – Border Eyedropper Shortcut
F3 x 2 – Turns The Border Color On Or Off (Double-press) Shortcut
F3 x 3 – Opens the Border Color Picker (Triple-press) Shortcut

Q – Cycle Between Design / Prototype / Share Views Shortcut
A – Cycle Between Panel / Layers / Plug-ins Panels(Triple-Press) Shortcut

Shortcuts For Custom Nudge Settings

After you turn on Custom Nudge for Adobe use the regular shift plus arrows to use the new settings. The Custom Nudge Setting is in the tray menu.

Shift + {←↑↓→} – Moves an object The distance set in the custom nudge settings

Prototype Preview Window

F5 – Toggle preview window frame Off/On shortcut

  • Ctrl + shift + {←↑↓→} – when the window is without a frame use the arrows to move the window

F11 – Make Window Always On Top / Release
F12 – Open Preview Window In Kiosk Mode (Full Screen Preview Window With No Other Interface on screen)


Alt+Q – Opens the program main menu
Alt+E – Opens the emoji’s anywhere window, that you insert emoji’s in any program
Ctrl+W – Will close that window you’re currently working on (like in a browser)

Func Creatives For Windows 10 Users

Download the application and install it the way you install any other application, As long as Func Is running, all the shortcuts and features will be available to you automatically in the relevant design application.

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