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The application (Func v4) that made these shortcuts available in Adobe XD is no longer In development More info

Adobe XD Voice Control For Windows 10

How it’s Used (some examples)?

Adobe XD Voice Control For Windows, And How To Use Them

Way before Adobe XD released voice control for Adobe XD in the Mac version (February 2020) of the App, Windows users of the Func app (from the 2019 versions) had provided voice control when designing in Adobe XD. the Func Creatives App Has the ability to customize your shortcuts in Adobe XD.

Press the F1 key, and say one of the voice controls below.

List Of Adobe XD Voice Control

“Update link” – Updates the shared link, or creates a shared link if you haven’t created one yet.

“Fill Eyedropper” – Selects the Fill Eyedropper
“Fill Color” – Manually select colorful fill
“Fill On | Off” – Turns the fill color on or off

“Border Eyedropper” – Selects the border eyedropper
“Border Color” – Manually select colorful border
“Border On | Off” – Turns the border color on or off

“Align Left” – Aligns selected objects to the left
“Align Right” – Aligns selected objects to the right
“Align Middle” – Aligns selected objects to the middle

“Design” – Selects the Design tab
“Prototype” – Selects the Prototype tab
“Share” -Selects the Share tab

“Assets” – Opens The Assets Panel
“Layers” – Opens The Layers Panel
“Plug-ins” – Opens The Plug-ins Panel

All Design Applications / OS

“Clear Screen” – Shows the desktop on the monitor the mouse is currently over (for multi-monitor setups)

“Stay On Top” – Commands a window to stay always on top of other windows, select a window first, before you say this command.

“Release Window” – Releases the on top windows to their normal state.

“First Letter” – Changes The Text To First Letter
“Lowercase” – changes the text to lowercase

“Emoji” – Opens the emoji anywhere window. this lets you insert a set of emoji’s anywhere

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