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How To Fix The Photoshop Freezes Problem When Using Wacom, or Other Drawing Tablets

Over the years the fix has changed, So I’ve created a program that fixes the issue.
this fix program checks your computer and applies the fix relevant to you.

Download the Fix Installer

Download Fix



A: After you download the file you need to run it (Double-click it and follow the instructions) it is a regular installer, it is no longer a file that you place in the location shown in the video. after a few years things have changed, and since it became more complicated to fix the issue I created this program that does it automatically.

Q: I Would Like To Show My Appreciation For The Work, How Do I Do That?
A: A great way to do that is to leave a like, Comment on the video, If you’re able you can also Donate and that is highly appreciated as well.

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