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Only For Windows 10

Customize Your Own Shortcuts In Adobe Xd, Coming Soon To Version 4

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How To Use/add The Custom Shortcuts And Functionality To Adobe XD?

To add all these functionalities too Adobe XD, You need to install the Func Creatives application, The functionality will be added to XD as long as Func Creatives is running, when you close Func Creatives Or temporarily turn it off in the tray Menu, all the functionality is removed.

Func Creatives Features

Custom Shortcuts For Adobe Xd

Func Creatives adds custom shortcuts that do not exist in Adobe XD, Such as Ctrl+F for search, Border color/eyedropper shortcuts, kiosk mode for previewing kiosk design work, and one click shortcuts.

Full list of Custom Shortcuts for Adobe XD

Set a Custom Nudge Distance

Func creative’s let you control the custom nudge distance in Adobe XD, By default Adobe XD has a nudge of 10px. this option lets you choose whatever custom nudge you would like to use as your default.

You’re On Mobile? Send A Reminder To Download Later

This will send you an email with a download link to download later

Download And Install To Add This Functionality To Adobe Xd

When the application is running all these functionalities will be available in Adobe XD, Then removed when the application is closed

Design Using Voice Commands (for Windows)

Back in 2019 I’ve added the ability to control Adobe XD using voice for Windows users, Recently (Feb 12, 2020) release added this functionality for Mac users, you can Use your voice to issue design commands to Adobe XD, For example say “Update” To update your cloud design,  “Eyedropper Border” to activated the border eyedropper.. Full list of commands

Whether you like to decrease the use of a mouse just for productivity, do to an injury, or even for motor disability reasons, use voice design.

Full List Of Voice Commands

Work And Preview At The Same Time

Work and preview the result at the same time, lets you work on animation/interaction/edits at the same time as you preview. whe preview window will stay above all Windows while you continue to work.

Drop Down To Control Window Scale

Drop-down choose scale the preview window to 90%, 80%, 60%, 40% and even switch the preview window into Kiosk Mode.

Send Files To Edit Directly From Windows Explorer

When Func is active you can send files  directly to After Effects,  Photoshop, or illustrator by right clicking the file(s) and using the new “Edit with…”  option in the menu

Remove/Add The Preview Frame

By clicking one of the shortcuts (F5) added by Func Creatives software you can remove or had back the preview window frame.

Remove Text Styling When Copying Text Around In Photoshop

When you need to remove the text stylings in Adobe Photoshop, when you’re copying text around, bring up Func Creatives menu (Q) after copping a text click on the “Clear Text Styling” option in the menu, when you paste the text it will have its style removed.

Show Desktop Only On The Selected Monitor

Whether you are working with Photoshop, Adobe XD, Premier, or After effect, what you most likely have is a set up that includes more than one monitor. This tool helps enhance Windows functionality for your dual monitor setup, By adding the ability to hide windows only on one monitor.

You’re On Mobile? Send A Reminder To Download Later

This will send you an email with a download link to download later

Func Creatives Is a Free Adobe XD Program

Download the application and install it the way you install any other application, As long as Func Is running, all the shortcuts and features will be available to you automatically in the relevant design application.

Download Func
Windows 10 / Latest Version 3.98



I’m improving Func Creatives on a daily basis, if you find a bug, Send me an email , or use the contact form,  so I can release a fix for it.

List of known bugs in previous versions change – here

I Have A Feature Suggestion

Func Creatives is billed through community feedback, If you need any specific feature let me know through the contact form or through the email at the top of the site.

Change log

The list of changes between versions page can be found here in the change log

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