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Designing Using Adobe XD? Check My Most Popular Tool For XD

Custom Shortcuts ▪ Preview/work At The Same Time ▪ Custom Nudge Distance ▪  and 5 More

Over the years the fix has changed, So I’ve created a program that fixes the issue.
this fix program checks your computer and applies the fix relevant to you.

Fix costs $5.50

Buy Fix

A: After you download the file you need to run it (Double-click it and follow the instructions) it is a regular installer, it is no longer a file that you place in the location shown in the video. after a few years things have changed, and since it became more complicated to fix the issue I created this program that does it automatically.

Q: Can’t I Just Find The Solution Myself?
A: What I’m offering here is an immediate solution, without all the tinkering. it took me weeks to find a solution that works among all the ones that didn’t, you can probably do the same, or invest 5.50 and let the program do it for you automatically.

Q: I’ve Decided To Purchase, Which Payment Methods Are Available?
A: PayPal / Credit Card

Q: I Have A Different Question, How Do I Get In Touch?
A: Drop me a line at [email protected]

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