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Designing Using Adobe XD? Check My Most Popular Tool For XD

Custom Shortcuts ▪ Preview/work At The Same Time ▪ Custom Nudge Distance ▪  and 5 More

Over the years the fix has changed, So I’ve created a program that fixes the issue.
this fix program checks your computer and applies the fix relevant to you.

Fix costs $12.50

Buy Fix

A: After you download the file you need to run it (Double-click it and follow the instructions) it is a regular installer, it is no longer a file that you place in the location shown in the video. after a few years things have changed, and since it became more complicated to fix the issue I created this program that does it automatically.

Q: Who Is This Fix For?
A: This fix is for people that want to get rid of the issue now, or already tried multiple solutions and they simply didn’t work/solve the problem. like I mentioned above this software checks multiple solution options for you and applies the one that should work on your machine. and in any case if it didn’t work for you only need to send me an email and I’ll refund what you paid.

Q: I’ve Decided To Purchase, Which Payment Methods Are Available?
A: PayPal / Credit Card

-> If you need personal one on one paid help drop me a line at [email protected]

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