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mouse accuracy creative is a program I created to enhance the accuracy of the mouse, and add the ability to temporarily change the speed of the mouse as necessary, if you’re working on something that require a lot of accuracy you can decrease the speed of the mouse for better control.

this is especially useful if your screen is high definition and you need to move the mouse large distances to get from one point to the other,  mouse accuracy for creative also introduces a that is particularity tailored for creative’s, this mouse settings cannot be reached by day normal Windows mouse interface, rather it’s programmed in to give you the most accuracy on short movement, yet closes large distances fast.


  • Recommended Settings For Creatives – using this setting you will see a huge difference in your work, this is a tailor-made setting that cannot be reached/created by the mouse interface, and gives you the perfect balance between closing large distances fast, and accuracy in short distances.
  • Manual – the manual setting lets you start your adjustments from your original mouse settings as a base, from that base you can use shortcuts to accurately adjust the mouse accuracy and speed to that best matches the task you are currently working on.

Use Shortcuts To Fine-tune Mouse Accuracy and Sensitivity

to adjust the mouse accuracy and speed on-the-fly you can use these Windows shortcuts

  • Numpad Plus (+) button to increase accuracy, speeding up the mouse.
  • Numpad Minus (-) button to decrease accuracy, slowing down the mouse.
  • Numpad multiplication (*) button to turn the acceleration of the mouse Off/On, this determines whether the mouse moves in a linear (constant movement), or using a function that take into consideration the acceleration of the mouse, in any case this setting is not identical to the default one provided by Windows.

the two last functions are pretty self-explanatory as one has to do with turning off the shortcuts using a checkbox, and the other makes it possible to have these settings every time you start Windows.

Mouse Accuracy For Creatives

Working on adjusting vertex in your favorite 3D application, or just fine-tuning icon. It doesn’t matter mouse accuracy Will let you temporarily change your mouse accuracy as you need it. Works in any Windows Application

How do I install the application?

The application is a regular Windows software, to install it you double-click the icon, then follow the instructions in the installer.

I Have DPI Control In My Mouse, What's The Difference?

The mouse accuracy app lets you control accuracy to a far greater extent, even ones with DPI control, in addition it adds this functionality to any mouse regardless whether you own a mouse with a DPI control functionality or without.

The Mouse Accuracy application customizes the settings specifically for creative work, these settings cannot be reached by the windows mouse interface, and the DPI button on your mouse does not affect those settings.

Will it work in Maya, Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Photoshop and other creative applications?

Yes, When the application works you will get a yellow icon in the system tray, as long as the application is running all It’s functionalities will be applied, once you exit the application the original settings will be restored.

"Windows Protected Your Pc" Message?

The short answer is that I didn’t pay $349 for EV certificate.

There are two amounts of money you can pay to sign your software one cost ~$80/Per year and occasionally shows this message (“Windows Protected Your Pc”), but if you pay $349/Per year (Same program) Microsoft magically considers skipping that message.

So although this program is Safe, and Signed by me. It is what you get when you don’t pay for the higher priced tear.

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